​Positive Behaviour Support is regarded as the preferred methodology for working with people with autism, learning disabilities, and behaviours that challenge.  Positive Behaviour Support is person centered, increases personal skills and access to the community,  and it is widely promoted by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.

  • Our first social skills group is now finished.  It was incredibly successful with every parent commenting on how their child has benefited Find out more here

  • High functioning autism is often overlooked as these children are able to 'cope'.  Learn more about the difficulties such children face and how we can support you.

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Approximately 1 in every 100 children receive a diagnosis of autism.  It affects social understanding, communication, and can lead to restricted , repetitive patterns of thought and behaviours.  Many young people with autism have an accompanying diagnosis such as ADHD, anxiety, learning difficulties, and complex challenging behaviour.  Autism is a spectrum, and the level of support a young person will need throughout their life will vary depending on the severity of their symptoms.  


Delivering Applied Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support in London and the South East

I Support Behaviour is a specialist service for people with autism, learning disabilities, and other complex needs.  We employ the principles of Positive Behaviour Support and Applied Behaviour Analysis to enable children and young people to achieve their goals and live fulfilling sustainable lives.   

Creating better lives for people with autism and learning disabilities, empowering families, and supporting services