We will respond to the COVID-19 virus with the health and wellbeing of our team and our service users as our first priority at all times.

We will continue to update this page regularly as the situation progresses. 

Continuation of Service

We will continue to provide our service wherever possible using alternative methods.

We have had discussions with senior colleagues at NHS England Transforming Care teams, who see our service as essential.  Where we can no longer visit service users in person, we will continue to provide a full service via alternative channels.  We are following the NHS recommendations for providing services remotely which can be found here:   www.nhsx.nhs.uk/key-information-and-tools/information-governance-guidance

Our team have the necessary equipment to continue to provide a full service remotely, including:

  • Replacing face-to-face sessions with video conference sessions with service users, service managers, support staff, families and carers via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or other preferred channels
  • Delivering training, supervision and guidance remotely
  • Carrying out consultations, data reviews and analysis
  • Writing reports and reviewing and updating support plans
  • Supporting our service users to understand COVID-19 and their role in protecting themselves and others using personalised visual and multi-media resources where appropriate

We are also planning additional tools and services to support our service users and their families and carers over the coming weeks, including:

  • Setting up an I Support Behaviour YouTube channel to deliver training and video blogs
  • Developing our Facebook page and online resources to support families/services
  • Using social media and finding new and creative ways to support service users remotely

New  Referrals

We are continuing to accept new referrals. We are able to carry out assessments, develop support plans and train and support families, carers and support staff remotely.

If you would like to discuss a new referral please call us on 01923 693741 or 07957 164952, or email david@isupportbehaviour.com


We can deliver our range of training courses remotely via video conferencing to families, school and nursery staff, residential support staff and any other services working to support people with autism, learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge. Our experienced team can develop a bespoke training programme to suit your audience via Zoom, Skype or your preferred video conferencing technology. 

For more information about remote training options for your team please contact David on 07957 164 952 or by email at: david@isupportbehaviour.com

Our Team Protection Plan

This is an overview of some of our actions that have been implemented to help protect our team and minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19:

Personal Hygiene Guidance:  We are publishing regular communications providing advice, recommendations and processes to reduce the risk of infection across our team, in line with the recommendations of the public health authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  Our staff assess themselves and their cohabiters daily for COVID-19 symptoms and will follow self-isolating and reporting processes if at risk.

Non-Essential Travel Cancelled:  To protect the welfare of our staff team and minimise person-to-person contact, we are restricting non-essential business travel until further notice. We are using video and conference calls as the primary media for meetings.

Home Working:  In line with government guidelines, staff who are able to work from home have been directed to do so. The team have been provided with the relevant equipment, software and supervision to ensure continuity of service.

Vulnerable colleagues: In line with government guidelines, we have identified team members who are classified as vulnerable due to pregnancy or an underlying health condition. Processes and provisions have been made to ensure vulnerable team members are supported.

COVID-19 and Autism:  links and resources

We understand how confusing and frightening the coronavirus pandemic and the public reaction has been for some people with autism, learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge. 

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and online resources:   www.facebook.com/isupportbehaviour

The following links and resources about COVID-19 may be helpful to people with autism, learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge and their families, carers and support teams:

This page was updated  on 8 April 2020