Families will receive a free phone consultation

Following the phone consultation an initial appointment will be arranged to agree terms and conditions and to take a full case history.  As part of our service we will:

  • Complete initial assessments
  • Observe child or young person at agreed locations
  • Carry out a full Functional Assessment of Behaviours that challenge
  • Provide a Positive Behaviour Support Plan with definitions of behaviours that challenge
  • Provide a written report following the Functional Assessment
  • Guidance, training, and support throughout initial stage of service
  • Materials and stimuli to implement interventions and programmes following assessment

We will support you to implement Support Plan and Programmes 

Once the initial stage of the service has been completed we can provide the support required for the strategies to be implemented across settings and contexts including home, nursery, school, college, respite and other services that support the young person.  We can:

  • Provide overlaps, feedback, guidance and person specific training
  • Provide training courses for the families and other services that are involved
  • Key work to ensure a consistent approach across the services that support
  • Develop individualised targets and support with setting short, medium, and long term goals
  • Host Person Centered Planning meetings and progress reviews
  • Plan to withdraw and discharge upon agreement of all stake holders

We will empower families and services to become the specialists

People with autism are most likely to achieve their potential with knowledgeable specialist support

Families often feel isolated from their communities and dread going out 

Many families affected by autism are not getting the help, support and advice they need!


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