We provide a range of specialist services for people with autism, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviour.  Our aim is to improve outcomes for people with autism and support them to achieve their potential.  We achieve this by empowering families and the services that support them.  I Support Behaviour is a short term service and our goals are:

  • To assess, develop, and implement support plans
  • Train and empower families and services
  • To help keep young people in their local communities
  • Reduce the need for long term specialist services
  • Plan for withdrawal and discharge upon agreement of all stakeholders involved

We work directly with families and we are able to work with schools & nurseries, colleges, and other support services such as respite and residential facilities to create a network of support around each young person.

We are happy to provide services on an individual basis, or we can work on longer term contracts providing a more comprehensive service to schools & nurseries, colleges, and other stakeholder providers that support people with autism.

We are happy to discuss our rates and arrange discounts and reductions for ongoing contracts.

Many families affected by autism find it difficult to imagine life beyond school

Many parents liken the transition to adulthood to falling off a cliff edge

Around 1 in 4 people with autism will continue their education beyond school

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