High functioning autism is often an area that is significantly overlooked by schools and local authorities.  If a child is doing well academically schools often regard this as a sign of 'coping'.  However, many children at the more able end of the autism spectrum suffer from difficulties as school socialising, social isolation, and high levels of anxiety.  I Support Behaviour can work with schools to support young people faced with these difficulties to help them to develop their social skills and reduce social anxiety.  For more details please get in contact.

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Our first 10 week Social Skills group has now finished.  It was an incredibly successful event with every single parent commenting on how much their child benefited.  We will be putting on further social skills groups after the summer break where we cover


  • Conversations Skills
  • Cooperative Play
  • Friendship Management
  • Emotions and Self-Regulation
  • Empathy
  • Conflict Management

If you would like help with setting up a Social Skills group please get in contact with us

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